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Three Primary Options for Building a Website

An ultimate guide

Webmasters have three primary categories of choices when creating a website. The level of control in delivering the content varies across the options, as does the level of effort required in completing the website. One important consideration is that ease of construction often comes at a cost of maintaining full control over the presentation of the site.

Benefits of Online Site Builders

Tools for building a site online are typically very easy to use, and a site operator can get started right away. The website builders will provide an interface for adding a variety elements to the website with a single click. The tools will generally include the most commonly requested features, including social media connectivity and media management. Hosting for the website is usually part of the package, making this option ideal for some developers but unsuitable for others. Webmasters can often get creative with the tools provided, but true control is difficult to achieve with online website builders. When ease of use and speed are of highest importance, however, this is a common choice.

WordPress CMS Considerations

The WordPress content management system is an increasingly popular choice for many webmasters. Installation is usually easy and fast, and some hosting companies provide tools for automated setup. A CMS provides a platform for organizing and publishing all of the content for a website. WordPress also include a built-in mechanism for collaboration and content contributions from assigned users. The progressively high number of WordPress plugins available make the CMS flexible and significantly extendable. While a high degree of customisation is possible, complete control is nevertheless difficult to achieve.

Bespoke HTML5 Factors

Complete control is the greatest benefit of a bespoke website constructed with HTML5. Companies like Kalexiko specialise in bespoke websites, and while other website building techniques can offer significant opportunities for customisation, only building from scratch allows a designer full control every step of the way. This enables a developer to create a site that has custom database integration, a custom layout, and functionality completely tailored for the specific needs of the site owner. This can be a costly alternative, but it is often the best option in the long run for a site with highly specific needs. When constructed with HTML5, the code will be clean and current, and it will have the audio and video support for which the language has become known. Because mobile browsers have already adopted HTML5, sites built with it will be prepared for the mobile user base that is likely to keep growing. Kalexiko’s thoughts on HTML5 website building are the same as most other big web developers, in that it’s the language of the future, and some site developers will need to be particularly cognisant of that.

Because an understanding of site code is not required, beginners are often the most comfortable with online site builders. Those who are confident working with a website but who do not necessarily work with code will often be at ease with a WordPress CMS site. Webmasters who require a high level of control over the code and functionality will often require a site built from scratch.

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