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[Infographic] Indoor Small Cells - Meeting Current and Future Communication Needs

During the most chaotic of times, when clear, rapid communication isn't just a luxury but an absolute necessity, Small Cell technology makes all the difference.


When one phone call can be tantamount to life or death, a secure, reliable connection and accurate transmission of location information are of the utmost importance.


And Small Cell technology plays an important role in so many other facets of our lives--from when we set foot into our office during the weekday, to when we stop at the mall or enjoy a sports game on the weekends.


To learn more about the current and future role of Small Cells in addressing the growing needs of the public and private sector for greater voice and data coverage and capacity indoors, check this Infographic, follow the Twitter feed @CiscoSPMobility and go to: http://www.cisco.com/go/smallcell

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