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Process Outsourcing BPO Gives Boost To UK And Euro Small Businesses

Monday 9 June, 2014
English Cloud BPO Services, a process outsourcing BPO firm that delivers virtual call centre services and back office solutions, has just opened its doors to help small businesses in the UK and Europe.

English Cloud Process Outsourcing Services aims to provide globally competent and committed virtual staff that can deliver a wide array of process outsourcing BPO services to small businesses in Europe and the United Kingdom. The services provided by their virtual staff include back office solutions, accounting services, data entry and web research, writing, Internet and social media marketing, and call center services. Its main operations include hiring and maintaining staff members and facilitating basic training on English communication skills and administrative tasks.

The general manager of the English business outsourcing BPO company said, “We recognize that a great number of businesses in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Europe need access to virtual office services that will allow them to delegate recruitment and staffing tasks and hire people from around the globe that can deliver high-quality English-based services for a fraction of the cost of in-house staff.” He added, “We provide an incredible opportunity for these companies to employ virtual staff, and with our business model, they can increase returns even in a stagnating economy.”

With cloud-based outsourcing BPO services, the company aims to help European and UK-based small businesses decrease tax liabilities, work-related lawsuits, and other issues while increasing productivity and commitment in their workforce. Through efficient cloud-based staffing services, the company aims to provide the right people for any virtual office job and assure a reliable and plentiful supply of committed and highly educated English-speaking personnel.

In addition to the UK and other European countries, English Cloud Outsourcing Solutions delivers online staffing and back office solutions to North and South America, Southeast Asia, Japan, China, Australia, and New Zealand.

For more information about English Cloud Outsourcing Services, you can reach them through one of the following options:

Internet: http://www.bpocallcentrebackofficeoutsourcing.co.uk/contact
Phone: +44 (0) 20 3695 1645

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