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Why a CRM System and Marketing Automation go Hand in Hand

Simply put, a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system helps identify and manage your customers and leads, understand their challenges, anticipate their needs and proactively respond to their requests. From a marketing perspective, a CRM system helps you deposit the right data to ultimately track and organize marketing and sales interactions with your most valuable assets.

Marketing automation, working in tandem with your CRM data, automates marketing marketing automation and analysisprocesses and tracks results. Marketing processes involve everything from customer segmentation, lead generation, lead scoring, lead nurture campaigns and social media monitoring to email marketing and closed-loop analytics.

So how can you make sure your marketing automation system will integrate with your CRM to get optimal results for your business?

You need to implement the integration successfully and make sure your CRM is set up to queue the most qualified leads for your sales team. And be able to track engagement, activity and results along the entire process.

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