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Aesynt™ Launches New Pharmacy Inventory Management Solution to Help Health Systems Optimize Medication Delivery Across the Enterprise

Aesynt™ (formerly McKesson Automation), a leading provider of integrated pharmacy automation solutions for hospitals and health systems, today announced the addition of Inyste™ Medication Logistics to the company’s suite of hospital pharmacy and point-of-care solutions. The only enterprise medication management software solution integrated with central pharmacy technology, Insyte is designed to help health systems improve medication delivery across multiple facilities through a centralized stocking location. Insyte enables healthcare facilities to optimize medication inventory system-wide, reducing waste, improving shortage management, boosting productivity and freeing pharmacy resources to contribute more to clinical care and other mission-critical efforts.

Aesynt developed Insyte to mitigate the strain many hospital and health system pharmacies face in today’s “do more with less” healthcare environment—saving money in one of the highest cost centers within a healthcare facility. As such, many health systems are pursuing a standardized, enterprise-wide approach to medication management to reduce costs across the organization and allow pharmacists to allocate more time to provide more hands-on care to patients. Insyte supports this approach, enabling health systems to actively consolidate and optimize their medication inventories system-wide.

“According to a recent forecast published by the ASHP Research and Education Foundation, 94 percent of pharmacists surveyed believe it is likely that health systems will have a single pharmacist responsible for inventory management across the enterprise within the next five years,” said Kraig McEwen, president at Aesynt. “As the industry shifts, Insyte represents our commitment to helping pharmacists enhance their evolving medication management approaches by optimizing processes and technology investments across the enterprise. We are committed to working closely with hospitals and health systems to advance medication delivery, helping them to build stronger businesses and manage ongoing change in healthcare.”1

Insyte will help health systems manage medications between individual and centralized pharmacies within the network to streamline the pharmacy supply chain, leading to the reduction of inventories and expired medications, standardization of pharmacy processes and consolidation of high cost items that were previously dispersed across disparate facilities within the health system. Moreover, Insyte will help pharmacists to:

  • Ensure that medications are delivered with the service level nurses expect and patients deserve
  • Reduce waste and expenses associated with expired medications
  • Minimize system-wide inventory to improve inventory turns, free up cash and reduce carrying costs
  • Increase responsiveness to medication shortages and demand fluctuations

Insyte—along with Aesynt’s suite of central pharmacy, point-of-care, packaging and preparation and ordering and receiving solutions—will be showcased at Aesynt’s booth (#1701) during the 48th annual ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition in Orlando Dec. 9-11.

Other new Aesynt solutions on display at ASHP Midyear Clinical Meeting & Exhibition include:

AcuDose-Rx®, an automated dispensing cabinet designed to give nurses access to the medications they need, when they need them. The completely redesigned cabinet features an intuitive workflow and new ergonomic design to help nurses get quick access to the medications they need. The RightStockTM inventory optimization functionality helps track medication usage and reduce medication stock outs, as well as the number and instances of expired medications, allowing the pharmacy to reclaim up to one-third of cabinet space for fast-moving medications.

ROBOT-Rx®, a leading pharmacy robotic dispensing system, which automates 90 percent of dispensing from central pharmacy, including odd-form medications. ROBOT-Rx features new aesthetics and enhanced acoustics designed to reduce noise level in the pharmacy, while supporting more efficient, real-time inventory management, driving down cost by reducing excess inventory and expired medications.

Anesthesia-Rx™, a medication dispensing cart providing on-demand anesthesia storage and retrieval at the point of administration in the operating room, which enhances workflow efficiency and patient safety. New workflow improvements help anesthesia providers remove medications even faster, while the new Unit Dose Drawer design enables anesthesia providers to easily remove controlled substances without the need to inventory each pocket, eliminating the need for inventory counts and supporting narcotic inventory control compliance for pharmacy.

MedCarousel®, a vertical automated medication storage and retrieval system enabling pharmacies to gain efficiencies in dispensing and inventory management. MedCarousel features enhanced pick-to-light technology that reduces up to 96 percent of dispensing and restocking errors. MedCarousel integrates with Aesynt’s AcuDose-Rx and other third-party medication dispensing cabinets for three times faster cabinet replenishment.

About Aesynt

Aesynt Incorporated, formerly McKesson Automation, is committed to continuously advancing medication delivery, offering integrated pharmacy automation solutions that health systems to support improved patient outcomes, build stronger businesses and manage ongoing change. For more information, visit www.aesynt.com. Follow Aesynt on Twitter at https://twitter.com/aesynt.

1 Shane, R and SJ White. Leadership: meeting the challenges in change management. In: Zellmer WA, ed. Pharmacy forecast 2014-2018: strategic planning advice for pharmacy departments in hospitals and health systems, December 2013. Bethesda, MD: Center for Health-System Pharmacy Leadership, ASHP Research and Education Foundation. www.ashpfoundation.org/pharmacyforecast.

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