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New EQ Network SDKs for High Quality Video Production

SDKs enable automated content preparation, device optimization and media delivery for application workflow

EQ Enterprise is a cloud-based video platform that slashes the cost of preparing and delivering HD, web and mobile videos over public and secure, private channels to smartphones, tablets, computers, and Over-the-Top TV (OTT TV). Equilibrium, the company behind EQ Enterprise, just released new EQ Network SDKs. Initially, the release supports four different languages, including: C# (Windows), Java (Android), JavaScript (Web), and Objective-C (Mac/iOS). The SDKs provide digital entertainment, media and enterprise developers with a simple way to create Web, desktop, mobile, and eCommerce video applications with high-quality and embeddable services.

"Digital Broadcasters can start using our SDKs to quickly access video services," stated Brian Rice, CTO at Equilibrium. "Companies can access and utilize our full-featured video network for wide-scale and global digital distribution, or just to share footage for daily collaboration privately and integrate mobile and sharing functionality anywhere."

EQ Network SDKs are a set of flexible interfaces that give developers the ability to rapidly integrate automated video services, including remote mobile uploading, into digital broadcasts or enterprise business workflows. Through a set of common component libraries, the SDKs enable developers to create and distribute highly scalable, low-latency content that works with legacy systems, while enforcing existing security provisions.

EQ Network is a highly scalable automated cloud-based video network developed and patented by Equilibrium (www.equilibrium.com). It solves the complex problem of seamless, simultaneous video delivery on multiple mobile devices, web apps, and "over-the-top" connected TVs. Using EQ Network, content providers can automatically assemble premium social and advertising on-the-fly, from practically any video source or camera, with support for nearly all standard file types. Enterprises use EQ Network to reach viewers with premium content or collaborate, communicate with employees or partners and to promote their products.

For more information please go to www.eqnetwork.com or follow the company on Twitter @EQNetwork

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