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Watch Elon Musk leverage Leap Motion, OculusVR and laser 3D printing

He then shows several ways to interact with 3d models including the great Oculus Rift


downloadElon Musk has just released a video showing what may well be the future of design and manufacturing. And by future I don’t mean years from now, I mean like starting right now.

The video below starts off cool and just gets better. You will see how commercially available software can be controlled with available tools (like the very cool Leap Motion).  He then shows several ways to interact with 3d models including the great Oculus Rift. He shows how things can quickly get from a designers head into a computer and the out of a computer and into reality by using a 3D laser metal printer.

I should let you watch this without any more commentary, you will know how best to apply this to your strategic planning:

The only commentary I’ll add:  Elon is right when he says we are on the verge of a major breakthrough that will revolutionize design and manufacturing.

And I’ll end with a trivia question. One I don’t know the answer to. I’m wondering, of the technologies you saw in that video, how many were developed because of government R&D? I suspect it is an incredibly low number, but will keep an open mind. Did you see anything here that came from federally funded R&D?

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