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Facebook encourages its employees to use Android to try to create a better product

In the early days they began to offer their employees smartphones, Facebook decided to give them iPhones, but for some time and through a campaign that began in his office in Menlo Park, the social network encourages its employees to change their iOS device by Android handsets.
In these offices are some posters like the picture at the top, which shows the projection of Android and iOS shipments for 2016. Another is using posters which have then
This campaign has to do with upper management and especially Zuckerberg wants an Android application as good as the iOS app and so try to make dogfooding. This is a term widely used especially in software companies, which means that a company uses your product internally to demonstrate the capacity and quality.
This insistence of Facebook on their employees to use Android to try to create a better product is not new. We had told them in August that were apparently forcing the team of developers to use the version of the Facebook application for Android, believing that is the best way to realize the difference between one and the other app (Android vs iOS) .
Both terminals Android, like iOS, Facebook uses a tool lamada "Shake Rage" to report the bugs, which is integrated in test applications.
This time the source confirms that Facebook does not force them to use one or the other, but it is suggesting. Although this "suggestion" goes against what you said a spokesman for the company to TechCrunch: "We do not promote one device over another. We let employees choose. "The poster is very clear:" Switch Today "=" Change Today ". Yes they are promoting change.
The campaign is having a positive side, as they are more Android devices, but not because employees have left iOS. As the source said, several employees now carry both types of terminals.

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