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5 of the Best Free eBooks in Spanish on Twitter

Twitter is an information network … well, why should I explain this if you already know, I have said it dozens of times and know that Twitter is easy to use, just write a message of 140 characters, you can add a link, photo or video, click Send and ready. Also after reading what may send their followers or search for information.
If you want to maximize all that Twitter gives us, forget the previous paragraph. Twitter is much more complex than it appears and offers a lot of information and value, it also offers a lot of "junk" that prevents us from seeing the news that comes in real time or spent some time in a story published, it may not news to many, but it is very important to us, is buried in an avalanche of tweets.
So many tweets are posted per second that does not allow us to see the information of value to us, that we need to carry out a project or just does not leave us the link to find a good book or know about an event our interest, say only a few things we can get from Twitter.
It is difficult to know the secrets of this information network, but they have to learn and I bring that I think are 5 of the best Free eBooks in Spanish on Twitter.
Particularly I like the book of Juan Diego Polo, especially for those just beginning and the book of Hypertext. That said, the other eBooks are also very good.
Before going to the titles and links to books, I wanted to ask them if they know of any good free eBook on Twitter Spanish, please leave the link in a comment.

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