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6 tips for submitting to the SharePoint App Store

I’ve submitted a few apps to the SharePoint App Store now and of course I have screwed it up a few times.  The process has been fairly painless though so I thought I would share some tips from my experience so far.

  1. Watch your version numbers – The version number in the app manifest has to match exactly what you enter into the seller dashboard.  Typically, you start with but it can be whatever, just make sure it is consistent
  2. Be careful with CDNs – It’s not that you can’t use CDNs but you need to make sure the URL you specify works with both HTTP and HTTPS.  If you don’t, the app will fail when they test it.  Either specify the URL with a // prefix or include the script files locally in your package.
  3. Changing anything requires re-approval – Proofread everything whether it is on your account or on the app itself.  If you have to change anything, you will have to go through the approval process.  This includes things like your E-mail address.
  4. Read the App Validation Policies – Seriously, read them before you even think about building an app.  It will save you time and submission failures.  Read the Validation Policies as well as the FAQ.
  5. Use the Save as Draft feature – The wizard process for app approval is kind of temperamental.  I recommend writing up your description and saving it somewhere (like OneNote) before you paste it into the field on the web page. 
  6. Screenshot and Icon images must have exact resolutions – Screenshots are required and they must be a resolution of 512x384.  Icons must be 32x32.  I find this part to the process to be the most painful mainly because I am not great at image editing applications.

I hope these tips will help you in your submission process.  Do you have any tips you want to add?

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