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A Look into Internet Exchange Points, will ARM take over the Data Center and more


Here are the top tech news and stories of the day.

  • Over at GigaOM, Stacy Higginbotham has taken a look at Internet Exchange Points and the economy of the internet (aka bandwidth) - Bandwidth is just like any other commodity, it can be traded, bought or sold, and at IXPs, it is. Countries such as The Netherlands, an exporter of bandwidth, sells theirs on the open market, for far less than other countries. IXPs are governed by free market principles, mainly supply and demand. Via GigaOM, more here.
  • With Hints For An IPO, Mobile Analytics Startup Flurry Raises $25M From Crosslink - Flurry analytics are built into third-party apps on more than 250M smartphones and tablets (roughly 25% of the world’s total devices). They offer app promotion and advertising, and have grown revenues 300% year-over-year. Via TechCrunch, more here.
  • Facebook, AMD, HP and others team up to plan the ARM data center takeover - We’ve been tracking ARM-based servers for years now, and are excited to see major players such as HP and Facebook team up with the manufacturer. As ARM chips trickle into our data centers, it is likely we will see another revolution in data center design and capabilities. Via GigaOM, more here.
  • Big Data Visualization Startup Lucky Sort Partners With StockTwits, Lets Investors Chart Stock Trends In Real-Time - every time I see a new Big Data use case, I often ask myself “why didn’t I think of that…” with a swift kick to my rear. This is another case of a perfect use for Big Data engines – mixing social networking with stock trends, to provide usable intel to workers. Via TechCrunch, more here.
  • Facebook partners with local businesses to offer free Wi-Fi in exchange for check-ins - ugh. I hate check-ins. They are so annoying. I refuse to use any 4square or other nonsense, simply because NOBODY CARES. But I guess businesses do, and they want the advertising, so if you are willing to do it, here’s some free WiFi (BTW I see no future in which this does not occur). Via The Verge, more here.
  • Read the full run of ‘Omni’ magazine at the Internet Archive - Sci-Fi nerds rejoice! The Internet Archive now has almost the entirety of Omni Science Fiction writing stored, and available for reading. Via The Verge, more here.
  • Commuters Use Online Carpooling to Comply With Post-Sandy Road Rules - The devastation wrought by Hurricane Sandy has created a host of issues for commuters across the Tri-State area. From 1.5 hour+ waits for buses, submerged metro and more, people had to get creative. Some commuters are using Craigslist to link up and commute. It seems like there is a lack of web markets/apps for commuting on the East Coast (probably not for long though). Via Mashable, more here.

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