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DALLAS, Aug. 21, 2014 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Amid the proliferation of real time data from sources such as mobile devices, web, social media, sensors, log files and transactional applications, Big Data has found a host of vertical market applications, ranging from fraud detection to R&D. Photo - http://photos.prnewswire.com/prnh/20140821/138541 "Big Data Market: 2014 – 2020 – Opportunities, Challenges, Strategies, Industry Verticals & Forecasts" Key Findings: In 2014 Big Data vendors will pocket nearly $30 Billion from hardware, software and professional services revenues Big Data investments are further expected to grow at a CAGR of nearly 17% over the next 6 years, eventually accounting for $76 Billion by the end of 2020 The market is ripe for acquisitions of pure-play Big Data startups, as competition heats up between IT incumbents Nearly every large scale IT ven... (more)

Cloud Expo New York Preview: The Economic Impact of GovCloud on IT

Cloud Expo 2011 New York $500 Savings here! In December 2010, the U.S. Federal government awarded cloud computing contracts that totaled over $2B in value. It also announced a mandatory "cloud first" policy, requiring every agency to deploy at least three of its services to the cloud. This transition represents a monumental change in Federal IT strategy. It may also threaten the business model of some of the world's largest IT providers. In his session at the 8th International Cloud Expo, Kevin Jackson, Engineering Fellow with NJVC, will explore the economic impact of GovCloud from the position of the information technology and professional services industries. He will also explore the new business strategies for this new environment. Speaker Bio: Kevin Jackson is an Engineering Fellow with NJVC, one of the largest information technology solutions providers suppor... (more)

Cloud Expo Day 1 Keynote Speaker Profile: Tyler Jewell - Oracle

With Cloud Expo Silicon Valley (9th Cloud Expo) starting today Monday November 7 at the Santa Clara Convention Center, CA, let's introduce you in greater detail to the distinguished individuals in our incredible Speaker Faculty for the technical program at the conference...starting with today's keynote speaker, Tyler Jewell. CLOUD EXPO SPEAKER NAME: Tyler Jewell TWITTER: @TylerJewell COMPANY: Oracle 9TH CLOUD EXPO SESSION TITLE: Day One Keynote | An Enterprise Cloud for Business-Critical Applications SESSION DESCRIPTION: http://cloudcomputing.sys-con.com/node/2021576 BRIEF BIOGRAPHY: Tyler Jewell is VP, Product Management & Strategy, Oracle Public Cloud. His software career spans 20 years in R&D, marketing, services, and corporate development. Prior to Oracle, he was at Quest Software as PM and Investment Manager. His investments include AppHarbor, AwayFind, Skydera, and... (more)

Twilio Announces Business Critical Apps in the Cloud

Click here to follow ▸@WebRTCSummit Twilio, the communications API platform, announced new products that directly address the needs of companies running business critical communications applications in the cloud. Twilio SIP allows organizations to tie their legacy infrastructure to the cloud, while new monitoring tools maximize reliability and performance of those applications. Also Twilio announced new features that enable greater control of application security settings.  Together, these new capabilities allow companies to implement new projects quickly, at lower costs and with greater confidence than ever before. Contact centers, technical support services, mobile marketing, and business process and logistics operations are just a few uses of Twilio's new cloud-based communications offerings. Jeff Lawson, Twilio CEO (photo copyright Twilio) "For companies in alm... (more)

Nirmata to Exhibit at @CloudExpo | @NirmataCloud #CloudNative #Serverless #DevOps #Kubernetes

SYS-CON Events announced today that Nirmata to exhibit at SYS-CON's 21st Cloud Expo, which will take place on October 31 through November 2nd 2017 at the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, California. Nirmata provides comprehensive policy-based automation for deploying, operating, and optimizing containerized applications across clouds, via easy-to-use, intuitive interfaces. Nirmata empowers enterprise DevOps teams by fully automating the complex operations and management of application containers. Nirmata provides integrated tools for microservices, continuously monitors the application and infrastructure for changes, and auto-tunes the application based on defined policies. With Nirmata, you select any language, database, shared service, cloud provider, or container. Nirmata supports open container technologies. It's unique architecture helps you retai... (more)

Web Service API and the Semantic Web

As the Semantic Web gains momentum, it's important for Web service developers to keep abreast of its technologies and prepare for a change in their industry. This article looks at how the Semantic Web applies to Web services, including what specifications are under development and how you might prepare for integration with future semantic applications. What Is the Semantic Web and How Does It Impact Web Services? The current World Wide Web presents large volumes of information in a format tailored for viewing by people. A person can surf from link to link, query search engines, or attempt to reach sites by domain name. While the pages retrieved are appealing to humans, to the software that processes the contents they are no more than a string of random characters. Software programs cannot load a random document, Web page, or file and understand the contents of that d... (more)

Who Are The All-Time Heroes of i-Technology?

I wonder how many people, as I did, found themselves thrown into confusion by the death last week of Jean Ichbiah (pictured), inventor of Ada.  Learning that the inventor of a computer programming language is already old enough to have lived 66 years (Ichbiah was 66 when he succumbed to brain cancer) is a little like learning that your 11-year-old daughter has grown up and left home or that the first car you ever bought no longer is legal because it runs on gasoline in an age where all automobiles must run on water. How can something as novel, as new, as a computing language possibly already be so old-fangled that an early practitioner like Ichbiah can already no longer be with us? The thought was so disquieting that it took me immediately back to the last time I wrote about Ichbiah, and indeed about Ada Lovelace for whom his language was named. It was in the context ... (more)

Breakage in the new Twitter UI

I happy to report that I have the new Twitter user interface on my account and it's nice. However, apparently the "status" param is no longer recognized. http://twitter.com/home?status=thisusedtowork That would put "thisusedtowork" in the "What are you doing?" box. URL shorteners redirect to Twitter with the new shortened address in the "status" param. This change breaks users. Any help would be much appreciated... ... (more)

An American in Manila: Watching Pacquiao-Cotto from the Philippines

Manny Pacquiao, the Pambansang Kamao ("National Fist") of the Philippines, beat the living tar out of the very tough amigo Miguel Cotto on Sunday afternoon, November 15, 2009, keeping a skein of big victories intact and once again upholding the pride of an entire nation of more than 90 million people. The fight was held on a Saturday night in Las Vegas. With the 16-hour time difference, it was already Sunday in the Philippines. I watched it on the slightly-delayed broadcast over the GMA TV network, one of the two ratings gorillas here. I was going to go to Araneta Coliseum, the historic venue in Quezon City (on the eastern fringe of Manila) where "The Thrilla" between Ali and Joe Frazier was fought in 1973 during the Marcos regime. The old place is still there, a hubbub of activity many days of the year. The best seats were about $10 US. I was warned off. Too many ... (more)

Infinity Technology Solutions Announces Acquisition of Online Marketing Company ArchiTech

Tampa, FL, April 20, 2012 --(PR.com)-- Infinity Technology Solutions, leading provider of managed IT services and technology solutions for small to medium-sized businesses, today announced it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire ArchiTech Software & Web Solutions, Inc., underscoring its commitment to online marketing and software development. ArchiTech was a professional web design and Internet marketing firm based in the Tampa Bay area. ArchiTech was founded by Scott Michie, President, in 2003 with a vision to help businesses successfully leverage their websites and custom software to improve processes, build brand awareness and generate new customers from a seemingly untapped funnel of opportunities, the Internet. The foundational principles of ArchiTech to be available to and transparent with its customers have made Michie’s firm a breath of fresh air in ... (more)

When Your Products Rock, Don’t Diminish Them with a Mediocre eNewsletter

Dragon Dictate and Dragon Naturally Speaking Deliver Awesome Results for Users. Their eNewsletter. Not So Much. In perhaps the ultimate  irony, I am using Dragon Dictate from Nuance to write this blog post which criticizes their eNewsletters.  I use Dragon Dictate to compose 80 to 90% of everything that I write from blog posts to book content.   So, it does pain me a bit to brand their eNewsletter as mediocre. Oddly, even though their eNewsletter is a major missed content marketing opportunity, Nuance has a tremendous amount of content available. As an example, they have a wonderful series of YouTube videos that teach you how to get the most out of Dragon  Naturally Speaking, the PC version of their software.  That’s compelling because, although dictation is the most critical component of their software, you can also use Dragon to  search the web, give application... (more)

CloudEXPO Stories
Automation is turning manual or repetitive IT tasks into a thing of the past-including in the datacenter. Nutanix not only provides a world-class user interface, but also a comprehensive set of APIs to allow the automation of provisioning, data collection, and other tasks. In this session, you'll explore Nutanix APIs-from provisioning to other Day 0, Day 1 operations. Come learn about how you can easily leverage Nutanix APIs for orchestration and automation of infrastructure, VMs, networking, and even backup/DR. We'll review available APIs and conduct live demonstrations of integrations and the automating common IT tasks.
The dream is universal: heuristic driven, global business operations without interruption so that nobody has to wake up at 4am to solve a problem. Building upon Nutanix Acropolis software defined storage, virtualization, and networking platform, Mark will demonstrate business lifecycle automation with freedom of choice and consumption models. Hybrid cloud applications and operations are controllable by the Nutanix Prism control plane with Calm automation, which can weave together the following: database as a service with Era, micro segmentation with Flow, event driven lifecycle operations with Epoch monitoring, and both financial and cloud governance with Beam. Combined together, the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS democratizes and accelerates every aspect of your business with simplicity, security, and scalability.
ClaySys Technologies is one of the leading application platform products in the ‘No-code' or ‘Metadata Driven' software business application development space. The company was founded to create a modern technology platform that addressed the core pain points related to the traditional software application development architecture. The founding team of ClaySys Technologies come from a legacy of creating and developing line of business software applications for large enterprise clients around the world.
In today's always-on world, customer expectations have changed. Competitive differentiation is delivered through rapid software innovations, the ability to respond to issues quickly and by releasing high-quality code with minimal interruptions. DevOps isn't some far off goal; it's methodologies and practices are a response to this demand. The demand to go faster. The demand for more uptime. The demand to innovate. In this keynote, we will cover the Nutanix Developer Stack. Built from the foundation of software-defined infrastructure, Nutanix has rapidly expanded into full application lifecycle management across any infrastructure or cloud .Join us as we delve into how the Nutanix Developer Stack makes it easy to build hybrid cloud applications by weaving DBaaS, micro segmentation, event driven lifecycle operations, and both financial and cloud governance together into a single unified st...
To Really Work for Enterprises, MultiCloud Adoption Requires Far Better and Inclusive Cloud Monitoring and Cost Management … But How? Overwhelmingly, even as enterprises have adopted cloud computing and are expanding to multi-cloud computing, IT leaders remain concerned about how to monitor, manage and control costs across hybrid and multi-cloud deployments. It’s clear that traditional IT monitoring and management approaches, designed after all for on-premises data centers, are falling short in this new hybrid and dynamic environment.